About the Conference

  1. There are no eligibility requirements for the conference, although preference will be given to members of APRU universities.
  2. There is no registration fee for the conference, but participants need to pay their own travel, accommodation etc.
  3. There is no need to submit an abstract or a full paper, just the expression of interest.
  4. Participants are expected to make an oral presentation of their previous relevant research, ​within the working group and will also have an opportunity to make a formal presentation of it at the public seminar on 7 September
  5. Each working group is required to produce jointly a chapter for the conference proceedings.  Working group members (in part or as a whole) may commit to producing other outputs e.g. edited volumes, journal publications etc.

About the Field School

  1. Students do not need to be nominated from their home institutions for either the conference or field school, but so need to provide the name and contact details of an academic referee who might vouch for them.
  2. There are separate applications for the conference and field schools.  The field school is targeted at students,  and participants will automatically be included in the conference.  The target enrolment field school is 28.  There is no separate category for students in applications for the conference. Applications to join the conference will be considered by working group leaders based on academic standing and potential contribution (as indicated in the applicant’s written expression of interest).  The target number for each working group is 12.
  3. The field school is not credited.  But we are open to making arrangements with individual institutions for them to credit it (based on content and output) if they so wish?
  4. Students will receive a certificate upon completion.
  5. The fee for the field school is US$1,625 but includes travel (for the school) and accommodation in Hong Kong. The cost  is based on a start / end in Hong Kong, and does not include for travel from the participants home to HK.   Participants can join the school in Surabaya on 27th August and avoid the cost of flights via HK.  This would reduce the school fee by the cost of the fare from HK to Surabaya , which is approx. US$150.