Faustina Yip

Nomadic Researcher – HKU Common Core

As part of the Nomadic Trans-disciplinary Research team, it has been a wonderful experience so far. Professors, students and participants from both the University of Hong Kong and from the 2018 APRU Conference had been very encouraging with our position in attempting to provide more perspectives towards their research/group. My first venture into transdisciplinary studies had been through the Common Core and my latest participation had been in the 2018 APRU Conference. With the aim to address real-life complex issues and find a plausible solution, different approaches from various experts in their fields had given the dimension that could be used to address the issue that was otherwise not thought of. With the support of other group members and the diversity of backgrounds, there was a mutual understanding to not be too focused on one factor. It had been great learning from each and everyone in the group where experts from academia and organizations gave their input, giving real-life cases that could expand on the theoretical knowledge/approaches. Looking forward to the next transdisciplinary project!