Working Groups

APRU-SCL conferences provide opportunities for academics and experts from different regions, cultures and disciplines around the Pacific Rim to explore and collaborate on common sustainability challenges and to develop new understandings and responses that can foster transformative change within cities, and between cities and their surrounding landscapes.

2018 APRU-SCL Conference at The University of Hong Kong, was structured around 11 thematic working groups (WG).

Members of each working group worked collaboratively throughout the conference to craft a paper that establishes an action orientated agenda for future research, education and/or project initiative.  WG papers will be compiled into a formal conference publication.

Local excursions and site visits around urban and rural Hong Kong were run during the conference to give attendees insight into some of the sustainability concepts as they relate to high-rise, high-density Hong Kong.

City-Landscape Sustainability 

  • Edwin Schmitt    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Cultural Studies and Oriental Languages, U. Oslo

Landscape and Human Health

  • Bin Jiang   Asst. Professor, Landscape Architecture, HKU
  • Chun-Yen Chang    Professor, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture  National Taiwan University

Productive Cities, Infrastructural Ecologies

  • Miss Wang Ting. University of Hong Kong
  • Mathew Pryor    Assoc. Professor (Teaching), Landscape Architecture, HKU

Smart Cities

  • Dr Mohsen Mohammadzadeh. University of Auckland

Sustainable Urban Design

  • Errol J Haarhoff. Professor of Architecture, Director: Urban Research Network, University of Auckland

Transitions in Urban Waterfront 

  • Anne Taufen Wessells, Assoc. Professor, Urban Studies, U. Washington Tacoma
  • Ken Yocom  Assoc. Professor, Landscape Architecture, U. Washington Seattle

Urban Biodiversity 

  • Caroline Dingle    Senior Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences, HKU

Urban Renewable Energy

  • Makena Coffman   Professor, Urban & Regional Planning, U. Hawaii, Manoa
  • Yekang Ko   Asst. Professor,  Landscape Architecture, University of Oregon

Urban Water and Sanitation

  • Kory Russel,  Asst. Professor,  Landscape Architecture and Env Studies, University of Oregon

Urban-rural Linkages

  • Yizhao Yang    Assoc. Professor.  Planning, Public Policy and Management . U. Oregon
  • Sara Padgett Kjaersgaard  Lecturer, Landscape Architecture, UNSW  Built Environment

Vulnerable Communities

  • Stephanie Pincetl    Professor, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, UCLA
  • Kian Goh   Asst. Professor of Urban Planning, UCLA
  • Mark Gold  Assoc. Vice Chancellor for Environment and Sustainability