Nelson Hui

Nomadic Researcher – HKU Common Core

As a Nomadic Researcher at APRU conference, I have got a unique experience in international conference, with the focus in landscape development. I sat in the work group of Landscape and Human Health and found out the inter-relationship of different disciplines and topics in the up-to-date research and this was also what the outcome of conference in which the proposed directions of research were also cross-discipline.

Even though I did not have a deep Landscape knowledge background, I could participate in the conference without difficulties and bring in new ideas from other disciplines. The conference was open for all people who share the same interest. This enabled efficient exchange of ideas and comprehensive understanding and all-rounded consideration for global issues. With this philosophy, I see the possibilities in solving current social conflicts in a more considerable way. This is an evolution process of civilization from separated pieces of knowledge back to gluing them into a piece.  I would like to join similar conferences in the future if possible.